Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carrie Prejean, the new conservative hero

The Times rather enjoys taking the piss here. They're putting up Carrie Prejean as the new conservative hero in America.

And yes, they tell the whole story. From beauty queen through homophobic bigot (as some would say) to star of her own porn tape, breast augmentation and lawsuits left right and centre.

The bit that I hadn't heard before is about her appearance on Larry King:

In the end both sides backed down and settled. But it was the detail of this agreement that prompted Ms Prejean’s latest implosion, this time on Larry King’s show. Asked to explain why she dropped her claim she repeatedly insisted that the question was “inappropriate”. When King pushed harder Ms Prejean attempted to storm out — but couldn’t work out how to disconnect her microphone. Instead, she sat at the interview desk without her earpiece, mouthing questions to an off-set handler as a baffled King tried to continue the interview.

With these sorts of media skills can the vice Presidency be far behind?

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